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Briefcase Bag

The jeepbriefcase is the perfect example of the perfect crossbody bag for the modern consumer. With a stylish leather materials that is comfortable to wear, this bag will is the perfect place to keep all your important files and tools. The jeepbriefcase is perfect for the busy executive or the professional who need to carry a lot of gear with them.

Plastic White Briefcase

Plastic White Briefcase

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Atlas Briefcase

The atlas briefcase is the perfect way to carry all your important people and materials. It is sturdy and big enough to fit all the materials you need but not too big that it takes up valuable space. The shoulder straps make it easy to carry on the go. And the big, comfortable design makes it a perfect choice for anyone.

Atlas Leather Briefcase

The atlas leather briefcase is a perfect way to carry your thoughts and documents. It is made of genuine leather, and is its own complete piece. It is also spacious, so you can store a lot of documents. The bag is a great way to take your papers with you and make it easy to get to what you need. this vintage atlas briefcase is a great option for a daily carry bag. It is made of genuine leather and isdimensionally speaking, it is largest inside size is about 6x4x1 inches. It is made of a tough, war-torn history like fabric that has been used by the military and american diplomats for centuries. The 40-year-old bag has a few wear and tear signs, but is still a great deal of fun to wear and look at. the atlas briefcase is a perfect choice for those who need to keep all of their personal items close to their body. The bag is made out of leather and features a comfortable shoulder strap, making it perfect for business purposes. Additionally, the comfortable fabric make it perfect for everyday use. this atlas of philadelphia briefcases is perfect for any woman who loves nothing more than a fresh new case to put her passport in and all of her important documents in one place. The stylish and practical case is made out of water resistant canvas and can take any use while being durable and durable. It comes with a few inches of height and width, making it perfect for any portfolio, conference or work case. And it has a few inch depth which is perfect for larger resume and document matter.