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Briefcase Full Of Blues

This briefcase full of blues is perfect for the soulful collector or the beginner music lover. It has a variety of vinyl lp records from across the 50s to the present day, as well as atlantic records cards and stickers. The cover is made to feel like an inevitable love song, with bright blue and green covers and designs. As well as the cover, this briefcase also has a large physical size at 6x6x6in and is packed with blue and green vinyl records.

Blues Brothers Briefcase Full Of Blues Vinyl

The blues brothers are a collective of montreal-based vinylhusbands that love to collect and restore old vinyl records. They were lead by owner of blues pizza in toronto, john, to find and restore former live vinyl records as well as classic vinyl records that are now often only available through taxidermy events or from high end record stores. the blue brothers are a team and they’re always looking for help with the following tasks. They can email or message you any questions you may have about old vinyl records or classic vinylhusbands.

Briefcase Blues

The blues brothers are back and this time they're on the hunt for some rest! They don't want to be seen or heard from until they get their act together. Alex and he are trying to break the 100 day rule by taking in some original music from the past few weeks. The first two songs are the blues brothers and the song is about a case that is going bad. The case is breaking open and the blues is in the air. this is a great example of a blue brothers case full of blues lp from 1978. This case is from original nice condition and is complete with all the docs. The case is about in it's late age but still looks great. It features some nice artwork and is in great condition. the briefcase full of blues is where it's at! This case is all about the blues brothers - vowing to take on the world with their all-encompassing style. With all of the music from the brothers' early years being within easy reach, this is the perfect place for your music. The case is made of durable plastic and comes with a hard case for your belongings. the briefcase full of blues is back! This remastered cd from atlantic historically quality is a great way to start your next lp or cd collection. The blues brothers are back to their usual amazing ways, with this new remastering of their full length album full of blues. This remaster is not only quality content but also comes with a special feature video on how the remaster was made.