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Drop Handle Briefcase

This drop handle briefcase is perfect for those who love armani clothes. This case expands to roomy to hold all your clothes and products. The armani look and feel are evident in every step of this case. The bag is also made of durable leather and has a black finish. It is a great choice for any customer.

Best Drop Handle Briefcase

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Drop Handle Briefcase Walmart

This drop handle briefcase is made of fiberfill and made to protect your things. It has a comfortable shoulder strap and a high quality cowhide material that will make you feel safe when carrying everything. The handle is made of plastic and has a hard case for your comfort. this drop-handle briefcase is made of vintage leather and is served as a perfect example of the time when technology was just starting to gain strength. Some of the features of the case include a built-in desk and bookend pockets, which make it a perfect place to keep your files and other belongings. this vintage-looking briefcase has riveted burgundy colors and a red leather strap. It's a small bit? th? large it has 6? zipling? s? drop handle closures at the front and back. The briefcase is spacious? th? and has a? top pocket? and? bottom pocket? the sides have a little pocket that? th? iscovers the bottom of the briefcase. The handle is a little? th? set off from the design. this drop handle briefcase is from the vintage mid-century era and is made of leather. It is had a red cc logo on the bottom zippered case bag. It is also have a briefcase-style handle and a small, black and red cc logo on the front.