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Leather Backpack Briefcase Combo

Can you carry your items by the extreme side with this leather backpack case? this case has a combination locks that make it difficult for thieves to enter your bag without a key. Plus, the blindfolding feature makes it even more difficult for them to get into your bag.

Briefcase Man

I'm a briefcase man. I love spending time in the saddle, and I love. Izing things with tools.

Modern Leather Briefcase

This high-quality leather briefcase is the perfect choice for your legal tools andliaments. It is brown or black in color and comes with a 2-backpack style. This bag is perfect for carrying your files, cogit and privates with you everywhere. the men's modern leather briefcase is a great way to bring your style up a notch. This case has a brown or black coloration and is made of premium leather. It is also spacious for your essentials and comes with a backpack 2 styles. the mcklein morgan 17 inch leather litigator laptop briefcase black combination lock bag will make your life easier when you need to carry your laptop and other important items. It has a stylish design with a mix of black and brown design. It is made of leather and has a comfortable design. It is perfect for carrying your laptop and other important items. this briefcase is a great way to take your things and make it work as a bushel or tree. It is a bit bigger than what you might need for an all-encompassing bag but it makes up for it in dollar terms. The leather is comfortable to wear and the locks and compartments make it easy to keep your things organized and accessible.