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Vintage Briefcase

This vintage briefcase bag and satchel set is perfect for those who love to shop. The bag is made of genuine leather and is soft and comfortable to wear. It comes with a leather laptop bag and a satchel that can contain all of your items for emergencies. The bag is also stylish and will make a great addition to your home or office.

Louis Vuitton Vintage Briefcase

Louis Vuitton Vintage Briefcase

By Louis Vuitton


Old Fashioned Briefcase

If you're looking for an easy and efficient way to store all of your intellectual property, you'll want a briefcase that's not only large but also spacious. a briefcase that is large enough to store your materials but small and lightweight so you can carry them around without problem is also a good option. what to look for in a briefcase in order to find the perfect briefcase for your needs, you need to take some elements into consideration. for one, the type of briefcase you're looking for will have a significant impact on the price you pay. For example, hardcover or hardcover+ebook? . 2) the type of closure you need - whether it is front or back strap - will also have an impact on the price. For example, front or rear? . 3) the size of the briefcase - it is important to be able to fit all of your materials neatly and properly - for example, l-shaped or l-shaped file organization? . 4) the size of the opening - it is important to be able to fit all of your materials neatly and properly - for example, 5" or 3. 5" file organization? . For example, front or rear?

Shoulder Briefcase

This handcrafted mr. Smith bag is a perfect way to take your sandwiches to work. The coat tate is wearing is made of genuine leather and is a deep blue. It is spacious enough to store your laptop, changes colors when you need to speed away from the office, and is made to feel like a classic mr. If you're looking for a bag that will make a statement, this is the bag for you. the old briefcase keywords are perfect for a person who's looking for a stylish and reliable bag. The bag is made of genuine leather and is filled with all-natural stones and dents. It can also be used as a workspace and as a errand bag. the retro briefcase by hartman leather is a great addition to any collection. This briefcase was created in tan leather and is in great condition. It is perfect for carrying your clothes and other belongings in age-old way. The hartman leather briefcase is a great option for those who want to feel like a classic before the age of 30. this bag is perfect for your laptop, or just someone you need support from. The bag is made from durable leather, and has a comfortable shoulder strap. The satchel is replaced by a new brown color, while the handle remains white. This bag is perfect for anything you need for it, from work to home.