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Vintage Wooden Briefcase

This vintage wooden briefcase is a great example of a solid walnut briefcase with a brass interior. The case comes with a variety of hiding places for supplies, including a built-in file station. The briefcase is easy to care for, with a few light-up lights that make it easy to find supplies. $200 this is an amazing leather briefcase that is perfect for any amazon want to buy something from the past. The leather briefcase has a solid design and is perfect for storing all of your possessions. The inside is lined with cash and it comes with a variety of pockets and hiding places. This is a great case for any amazon shopper!

Vintage Wooden Briefcase Target

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Vintage Wooden Briefcase Ebay

This is a beautiful vintage prestolock wooden attache carry case briefcase change combination lock briefcase. It is different from other cases in that the wood is in good condition and the combination lock is in good condition. The carry case has a small hole in the center of the case for a paper clip to hang on the side. This case is also day-to-day reuters or wants description. this is an amazing vintage wooden briefcase. It is ultra rare, and has a wow only one on ebay label. It is great for your office, home, or collection. this jeffrey benjamin briefcase is a great opportunity to get a preowned briefcase. It has a old world look to it, and is dimensions: 42- 42- this is a quite a privileges gerstner sons wood briefcase! 2022 is the 80s and it is a solid oak pigskin. It has a vtg 80s value tag and is supervock. The cover is made of wood and is made of krundi-texte (briefcase material). It is open with a compartment in the middle for a keychain or a book. There are two compartments on each side for a small or a large keychain. The case is closed with a keyhole. It is open again with a room for two to store items within. It is a very nice briefcase and it is a great deal at this price!