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White Briefcase

The white briefcase is a must-have item in any vintage 80s outlet store. This briefcase is made of leather and has a wgold hardware design. It is a great addition to any outfit.

White Leather Briefcase

The white leather briefcase is the perfect piece of furniture for any student in your life. It is versatile and perfect for carrying your textbooks, notes, and other important items. It is also sturdy and perfect for carrying your important items without having to worry about them getting lost.

Casual Briefcase

This casual briefcase will make a great addition to your travel gear. It is made of goyer's cushiony fabric and has a perfect wardle pride in the construction. The laptop bag has a great black case cover and is filled with your favorite gear. This bag is also great for holding your passport, or a set of boarding cards. this black and white briefcase is a great option for those who love burberry products. The case features a leather exterior and a crossbody strap, making it a both an elegant and functional option. this dolce bag briefcase is a great way to take your carry bag to the next level. With a black and white leather design and a shoulder bag niche, this bag is going to be a major success. Plus, it comes with a shoulder bag and bottle of wine? you can't go wrong with this one! our white briefcase is a great addition to your office. It was originally designed with a focus on practicality and efficiency. This white briefcase comes with a vtg amoco oil whiting refinery vinyl portfolio file holder bagattach briefcase. You can use this case to store your office supplies, ideas, and much more.